We all make this mistake when preparing tomatoes

Want to become the ultimate tomato chef? Then check this video about the 6 best ways to cut, slice, core and dice tomatoes:


Flavor explosion

Although it might sound a bit strange, tomatoes and salt are the perfect combination. The salt ensures that the flavors of the other ingredients combine well. For example, the salt helps to bring out the sweet taste of tomatoes. Another example is using a pinch of salt when baking cakes and pastries. This also helps to improve the flavor of your cakes and pies!

Multiple ingredients

So salt is indispensable when you use tomatoes with other ingredients in a dish. Do you use a number of herbs and spices in one dish? If so, salt will help bring out the flavor of those delicious sweet, juicy tomatoes, without their flavor being overwhelmed by all the other flavors on your plate!


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