Did you know people spread cinnamon around in the garden? Here’s why

Why you should use cinnamon in the garden:

  • It repels ants: are there annoying amounts of ants in your garden? Just sprinkle cinnamon on their most popular hiking paths and they will disappear from your sight. Cinnamon makes them unable to breathe, so they avoid it. In addition, it also makes them stop smelling food, so they don’t get attracted to it. Importantly, unlike standard ant remedies, cinnamon does not harm children or pets.


  • It kills mushrooms: Cinnamon has known antifungal properties, therefore, just like in cosmetics, it can be used to get rid of mushrooms. All you have to do is sprinkle it on the places where the mushrooms grow, and they will quickly die and disappear from the garden.
  • It protects seedlings and seeds from diseases: as you surely know well, growing new seedlings from scratch is not the easiest task. This is because small plants are often attacked by various growths and fungi. Cinnamon can save them! As already mentioned, it has antifungal properties. This helps the seedlings to grow healthily and safely!
  • It keeps mosquitos away: for mosquitoes, and for ants and other insects, cinnamon definitely bothers us. Its intense scent is something they prefer to avoid. Take advantage of their weakness and sprinkle cinnamon on the plants in the garden and you will see that the mosquitoes will quickly escape.
  • It is a medicine for sick plants: It may sound unbelievable, but cinnamon can help plants heal faster. If you have accidentally damaged the leaves of a flower or see that it is starting to have holes in it, quickly sprinkle cinnamon on it. This spice is an excellent wound ointment for plants.
  • It strengthens roses: cinnamon is especially useful for roses when you plan to replant them. Dip them in cinnamon before you put them in a new place, and you will notice that they will stick beautifully. The spice works as a rooting hormone.


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