Dangers Of Consuming Soy

2. It Is Goitrogenic

Out of the many different goitregenic foods you can find around, soy is the leading one. It has the worst effect on your thyroid. If you’re wondering how goitrogens affect your thyroid, well, they prevent the thyroids from getting the right amount of iodine. When your thyroid is affected and fails you will end up with issues such as rapid weight gain in some cases, you’ll often feel cold, you might end up being very moody and in some cases you will be easily fatigued.

3. It Contains a High level of Phytic Acid (Phytates)


Foods that contain high levels of phytates are known to cause a lot of problems especially when it comes to the normal growth of your children and their health. Phytates are enzyme inhibitors that lead to blockage when it comes to mineral absorption in the digestive tract. These phytates are mostly present in legumes, nuts, grains and different seeds but soy contains the highest amount. If you really like soy and have to eat it, it’s best to stick to fermented soy products. Should you do otherwise, the phytic acid in it will reduce the assimilation of magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, and copper. Open next page to see more …


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