Check Out What Kind Of House This Woman Made From Sea Containers!


This house looks incredible from the inside!

Claudie Dubreuil, who is a Canadian, has managed to build an incredible house from 4 sea containers that have cost only 12000 euros in total. The result is absolutely stunning. We sure would love to have a house like this, would you?

What she made from only four sea containers is mind-boggling!


Claudie makes a pretty comfortable living from building traditional wood townhouses and condos. However, she saw that they didn’t require much of a challenge because the budget sometimes was limited, and the designs had to be safe. So, when it was time for her to design and build her house, she didn’t want the safe option. Instead, she decided to do something very unique that would require her to be quite creative, for it to actually work.


It was decided to design a house that is based on metal containers. For that reason, it’s safe to say that it wasn’t the easiest route. To be more exact, she faced a myriad of obstacles while doing it. For example, it was quite a challenge to find an engineer that could cut the containers and install windows and doors. Four different engineers rejected her before she was able to find an engineer who was just as creative as her. We’re all glad that he didn’t reject her because the result is just stunning! The house that she built turned out to be gorgeous and eco-friendly.

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