14 products that you should not eat if you are over 50 years old


Once again the rush with which we live seriously harms our health. These bottled juices hardly have any fruit, if you look at the label you will see for yourself. Instead, they have many chemical additives and a huge amount of added sugar, nothing necessary since the fruit is sweet in itself. Disproportionate consumption of sugar can create problems such as diabetes. It is best not to consume these types of ultra-processed products and squeeze the fruit yourself.


Fresh Tuna

Although it is a product of exceptional flavor and very good qualities, the habitual consumption of fresh tuna is not recommended and I will explain why. Tuna, while feeding in the sea, also consumes high amounts of mercury during its lifetime. That mercury stays forever in the body and the bigger the tuna, the more mercury it will have. This is highly harmful to the health of humans as it is a potent neurotoxin that can cause serious problems. Canned tuna doesn’t have as much mercury as fresh tuna.


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