14 products that you should not eat if you are over 50 years old


Many times we sit on a terrace and without thinking about it, we order a Coca Cola. The consumption of this type of drink has spread in such a way that there are people totally hooked who are not able to not drink several a day. This is because soft drinks are addictive, their composition makes you dependent on them and it is because of sugar. These drinks are nothing more than water, sugar, and gas, without any nutritional contribution. They are very fattening and can cause diabetes problems.


White Bread

The bread from before is not like it is now. It’s not that bread is bad in itself, it’s that they don’t make it naturally anymore. Formerly, it was made with natural quality products and bread could not be missing in a balanced diet. Today, bread is made with refined flours of very low quality, sugars, large amounts of salt. All to lower production times and costs and play with people’s health. If you know a traditional bakery in your city, better buy it there.


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